How to receive an item and attach it to a bibliographic recordEdit

When an item has not previously been received by Acquisitions, this item can be received by LA2. This can be the case with donations or when splitting multiple items from a single record.

If you know the fund used to buy the book (including donations):Edit

  • Open the bibliographic record
  • Click on 'View orders' Sh+F6
  • Click on 'Add new' F4
  • Type in the supplier code. For donations this is 'DON'
  • Choose the correct format
  • In 'Item type' choose the correct loan type.
  • Click on the magnifying glass beside 'Locations'
  • Type in the site. This is normally 'ML' for main library
  • Type in the quantity of books
  • Type in the fund if you know it. If it is a donation the code is M/DON
  • Under type choose the loan type
  • Press 'Save' F9
  • Go to 'items outstanding' and click on the magnifying glass beside it
  • Click on 'receipt' F6 and choose not to enter payment details
  • Exit this dialog box and press 'Save' F9
  • To return to the bibliographic record click on 'Move to cataloguing' F7

If you are splitting multiple items from one recordEdit

  • In cataloguing > bibliographic go to the 'items' tab.
  • Click on 'Add item' F4
  • Processing will add in the barcode
  • Change the status to 'PROC'
  • Click on the magnifying class to add classmark details. The suffix and if appropriate, the sequence can be added here. A further magnifying glass needs to be clicked on to enter the classmark itself. Then click 'Save' F9
  • Fill in the item type (ie loan type) and the format.
  • Press 'Save' F9

9/6/10 JOD,JCB

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