Bibliographic recordEdit

The thoroughness of records vary as these are imported from a number of sources and reflect local system or standard requirements. Editing requirements will likewise vary but, all will include:

  • Contribution Type: Change to 'Local protect - do not contribute'.
  • With your crib sheet beside you check the record for mistakes and missing fields. As basic guideline for UL records, try to include statements for the fields 1XX, 245, 250 (if applicable), 260, 300 and, 7XX. Further information is useful but not as crucial as the fields above. If the book as no subject headings, note this on the flag, do not work on the book but place back into the backlog.
  • Authorising subject and author Headings: Change ‘preliminary’ to ‘full’ records and authorise ‘new‘ headings. Due to errors with the Talis system please note the following: The presence of a 240 field will make the 100 show as unauthorised. A $t in a 700 field will cause the field to show as show as unauthorised.
  • Pass to processing.

Item tabEdit

  • Use classification number in ‘082’ field checking all pre-DDC22 numbers to see if they have a match on Web Dewey. If there is no match hand to librarian. A number is Dewey 22 if the last two numbers in the $2 field are 22, e.g. 082 ## $a305.56809415$222
  • Add the suffix. See Guidelines for suffixing.
  • For an additional copy or, where an earlier edition exists: Use class number and suffix of previous book.
  • Put in the loan type and location.
  • Mark status as PROC.
  • In pencil write the location, class number and suffix in the top left hand corner of the inside cover.
  • In pencil sign your initials at the back of the book.

CDB 11:03, 16 July 2008 (UTC)

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