How to copy a floppy disk:Edit

  • Go to Desktop
  • Double click on My Computer icon
  • Put master disk into floppy drive
  • Right click on floppy
  • Go to Copy Disk
  • Start (will read disk)
  • Remove master disk
  • Put in blank disk
  • Click OK
  • Close
  • Double click on floppy and check opposite side for details
  • Remove floppy
  • Label floppy:
    • Title
    • ISBN
    • Class. no.
    • Disk no.
  • Label inside cover of book (under stamp of order no.)e.g. Disk no. 256
  • Add 500 notes field in record e.g. Disk no.256
  • File original disk in cabinet.
Reviewed: 03/03/05 JB

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