Items TagEdit

In the item record:

Home site EA (website)
Shelf mark - sequence code EA (electronic book)
Item type Loan
Format DG (ebook)

Bibliographic recordEdit

Some of the examples are taken from: Marc21 Concise format for bibliographic data

Record status: n (new record) or c (copied record).
Type of record: a language material.
Bibligraphical level: m monograph.

Form of material: M computer file/electronic resource
Type of computer file: D document

008 (Anything mentioned in 008 needs to be mentioned in body of record too.)

00-05 Date entered 29 Conference publ.
06 Type of date 30 Festschrift ♣ 2
07-10 Date 1 31 Index
11-14 Date 2 32 [undefined]
15-17 Place of publ. 33 Literary form ♣ 3
18-21 Illustrations 34 Biography
22 Target audience 35-37 Language
23 Form of item s electronic 38 Modified record
24-27 Contents 39 Cataloguing source d
28 Govt. Publ.

♣ 1 These have to be entered in alphabetical order so there is no way to indicate prime content. Therefore, if the other contents are minor, use the prime code only.
♣ 2 Include 505 - formatted content note.
♣ 3 Fill this out for poetry, fiction etc rather than putting genre in a 6XX field

020 ## ISBN

041 language code Use when work is a translation or written in more than one language.

First Indicator:

  • 0 - Item not a translation/does not include a translation
  • 1 - Item is or includes a translation

Second Indicator: #

041 1# $aeng$hrus

1XX Name beginning with forename:
100 0# $aJohn$bII Comnenus,$cEmperor of the East,$d1088-1143.
Name beginning with surname:
100 1# $aWard, Humphrey,$cMrs.,$d1851-1920.
Corporate name, jurisdiction:
110 1# $aPennsylvania.$bState Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators.
Corporate name, in direct order:
110 2# $aScientific Society of San Antonio (1904- )

240 Uniform title$lLang (Use if translation)
240 14 $aThe Pickwick papers.$lFrench

245 Title proper :$bother title information.$nNumber of part/section of a work,$pName of part/section of a work$h[electronic resource] /$cstatement of responsibility ; subsequent statement of responsibility.
Indicator 1: 0 = no 100 field, 1 = 100 field present
Indicator 2: Leave blank

245 10 $aEncyclopedia of language and education$h[electronic resource] /‡cedited by Nancy H. Hornberger.

Glucksman Library house rule:
General material designation in square brackets is placed at the end of the title in the 245.

Note that this differs to AACR2 rules where the general material designation in square brackets comes immediately after the main title and before any further information, e.g. subtitles, statement of responsibility etc. (AACR2 2002 rev. ed., 7.1B)

250 Edition statement /$b statement of responsibility relating to edition.
250 ## $a4th ed. /$brevised by J.G. Le Mesurier and E. McIntosh, Repr. with corrections.

260 $aPlace ;$asecond or subsequent named place if in Ireland :$bpublisher,$cdate.
Record publisher information as found on the original print source
260 ## $aNew York, N.Y. :$bElsevier,$c1984.
260 ## $aNew York ;$aDublin :$bSpringer Verlag,$c1977.

[s.l] no known place
[s.n.] no known pub. ; [author’s name] or [the author] if they publ. themselves.
[date] if unsure of date ; [193-?] for 1930 decade ; [18--?] for century 2 places of publication:

  • 2 in Ireland just use first
  • 2 in U.S.A. just 1st
  • 1 in U.S.A., 1 in Ireland, only first place, unless 2nd is in Ireland.

300 No. of volumes and/or pagination / SMD :$billustrative matter ;$csize
300 ## $a11 vol. :$bill., plates, ports.;$c24 cm.
300 ## $a3 digital items.

4XX Series ;$v number
440 A series statement consisting of a series title alone.
440 #0 $aÖkonomische Studien ;$vBd. 22
440 #0 $aJanua linguarum.$pSeries maior,$x0075-3114 ;$v100

490 Publishers series, e.g. Penguin. However, if you want the series to be searchable on the catalogue use 440.
490 1# $aDepartment of the Army pamphlet ;$v27-50

500 General notes.
500 Available via the World Wide Web.

504 Bibliographical note.
504 ## $aBibliography: p. 238-239 ; includes index.
504 ## $aIncludes bibliographical references.

505 Contents note.
Include for Festschrifts and CDs and for anything where you think it would be helpful. If you have both a hypertext link to a contents table and a contents note, remove the hypertext link.
505 0# $apt. 1. Carbon -- pt. 2. Nitrogen -- pt. 3. Sulphur -- pt. 4. Metals.
505 00 $gvol. 1.$tThe history of Anne Arundel County.--$gvol. 2.$tThe history of...[intermediate volumes omitted from example]--$gvol. 23
505 00 $tQuark models /$rJ. Rosner --$tIntroduction to gauge theories of the strong, weak, and electromagnetic interactions /$rC. Quigg

6XX Try to have two entries per record
600 10 names and uniform titles
Personal name:
600 10 $aShakespeare, William,$d1564-1616.$tHamlet.
Corporate name:
610 10 $aFrance.$tConstitution (1946)
610 20 $aBritish Library.$kManuscript.$nArundel 384.

650 subject added entry--topical term
650 #0 $aReal property$zMississippi$zTippah County$vMaps.

651 subject added entry--geographic name
651 #0$aRussia$xHistory$vMaps.

x poetry, history
y time
z location
v form subdivision

7XX Added entry

House Rule: Do not use subfield $t as this can make the authorities untidy.

700 Personal Name:
700 1# $aVerez Peraza, Elena,$d1919-
700 12 $aShakespeare, William,$d1564-1616.$tSelections.$lGerman.$f1982.

710 Corporate Name:
710 1# $aAlgeria.$tTreaties, etc.$gEngland and Wales,$d1682 Apr. 20.
710 2# $aWGBH (Television station : Boston, Mass.)

740 Uncontrolled related/analytical title:
740 02 $aUncle Vanya.
740 02$aDissolution of the family unit.$pDivorce, separation, and annulment.

856 Electronic location and access
856 40 $u

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