Government publicationsEdit

See also Classification of official publications

Record status: n (new record) or c (copied record).
Type of record: a language material.
Bibligraphical level: m monograph.

NAM a= language material, t = manuscript language material.


00-05 Date entered 29 Conference publ. 0
06 Type of date 30 Festschrift*2 0
07-10 Date 1 31 Index
11-14 Date 2 32 [undefined]
15-17 Place of publ. 33 Literary form 0
18-21 Illustrations 34 Biography Blank
22 Target audience 35-37 Language
23 Form of item *1 38 Modified record
24-27 Contents 39 Cataloguing source d
28 Govt. Publ. o - level undetermined

  • 1 Only use if not text.

020 ## ISBN

040 If it is a new record add $aIE-LiU, if it is an edited record add $dIE-LiU at the end of the row. The new Talis system will do this automatically.

041 language code Use when work is a translation or written in more than one language.

First Indicator:

  • 0 - Item not a translation/does not include a translation
  • 1 - Item is or includes a translation

Second Indicator: #

041 1# $aenggle

110 Statement of responsibility
110 1# $aIreland.$bDepartment of Social and Family Affairs.
110 1# $aIreland.$bCentral Statistics Office.

245 Title proper :$bother title information.$nNumber of part/section of a work,$pName of part/section of a work /$cstatement of responsibility ; subsequent statement of responsibility.
1st indicator: 1=author given in 1XX, 0=no 1XX field.
2nd indicator: number of non-filing characters.
245 10 $aReview of the supplementary allowance scheme /$cDepartment of Social and Family Affairs. Phase 1.
245 10 $aReport of the results of an investigation into a complaint concerning Deputy Denis Foley =$bTuarascáil ar thorthaí imscrúdaithe ar ghearán maidir leis an Teachta Donncha ó Foghlú /$cCommittee on Members' Interests of Dáil Éireann /An Coiste um Leasanna Chomhaltaí Dháil Éireann.

250 Edition statement /$b statement of responsibility relating to edition.
250 ## $a4th ed. /$brevised by J.G. Le Mesurier and E. McIntosh, Repr. with corrections.

260 $aPlace :$bpublisher,$cdate.
260 ## Dublin :$bStationery Office,$c2000.
260 ## $aNew York :$bSpringer Verlag,$c1977.

|[s.l] no known place
[s.n.] no known pub. ; [author’s name] or [the author] if they publ. themselves.
[date] if unsure of date ; [193-?] for 1930 decade ; [18--?] for century

300 No. of volumes and/or pagination :$billustrative matter ;$csize
300 ## $a11 v. :$bill., plates, ports.;$c24 cm.
300 ## $axviii, 320 p. ;$c32 cm.
300 ## $a1 computer laser optical disk ;$c4 3/4 in.

4XX Series ;$v number
440 #0 $aBills 2007 ;$v27
440 #0 $aPrn ;$vA7/1094

500 General notes.
500 ## At head of title: Ethics in Public Office Act, 1995/An tAcht um Eitic in Oifigí Poiblí, 1995.

546 Language note (R)
546 ## In English and Irish.
546 ## Title in both languages. Text in English.

6XX Try to have two entries per record
600 10 names and uniform titles
Personal name:
600 10 $aFoley, Denis,$d1934-
Corporate name:
610 10 $aFrance.$tConstitution (1946)

650 Subject added entry--topical term
650 #0 $aHousehold surveys‡zIreland.

651 Subject added entry--geographic name
651 #0$aRussia$xHistory$vMaps.

x poetry, history (R)
y time (R)
z location (R)
v form subdivision (R)

740 Uncontrolled related/analytical title: (R)
1st indicator= no. of non-filing characters.

740 0# Tuarascáil ar thorthaí imscrúdaithe ar ghearán maidir leis an Teachta Donncha ó Foghlú.

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