Hardback records versus paperback recordsEdit

Often hardback books have better records than soft backs. In this case you can download the hardback record and add the ISBN for softbacks, or vice versa.

  • The pb ISBN is probably written on the order request form
  • Look inside book for pb/hb ISBNgdfgdfgdfg
  • Search for hb ISBN
    • If the same pb (poor) record comes up, then remove 021 field with hb ISBN
  • F9 to save
  • Now search for hb ISBN again
    • It should say no records found
    • Say OK
    • Check box
    • F9
  • Authorise headings in better HB record, noting down any headings to be merged.
  • Note - there will be no items attached to this record
  • Go to Acquisitions
  • Put in order number from order request form and overwrite pb with hb ISBN.
  • Move to cataloguing, items should now be attached to new hb record
  • Check that pb ISBN is in the new record (in case they want to order the pb again)
  • Search for pb ISBN again with checkbox off and delete work

Reviewed 20/07/06 JB

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