How to copy information from a floppy disk onto a CD ROMEdit

  • Click on the START button at the bottom left hand side of screen
  • Move the cursor up the menu to the PROGRAMS option where a number of options will appear on the right-hand side
  • N.B. If this option is unavailable, then select the ROXIO CD CREATOR 5 option. Highlight ROXIO CD CREATOR 5 with the cursor and then select the PROJECT SELECTOR option, which will appear to the right of the drop-down menu
  • EASY CD CREATOR LICENSE AGREEMENT may come up if the software has not been used before
  • Click OK
  • This will then be followed by a REGISTRATION REMINDER if the programme has not been used before
  • If REGISTRATION REMINDER comes up on the screen, place a  in the DO NOT SHOW THIS REMINDER AGAIN box at the bottom of the screen. Then click the REMIND ME LATER OPTION above
  • On the screen you will be given the option to SELECT A PROJECT
  • Click on the blue button – MAKE A DATA CD
  • Then click on the DATA CD PROJECT
  • A page will appear named UNTITLED DATA CD PROJECT – EASY CD CREATOR
  • On the top left hand side of the screen there will appear be a drop down menu titled SELECT SOURCES FILES
  • Click on the drop down arrow and select the appropriate option; in this case select 3½ FLOPPY (A:)
  • N.B. If the information desired is on another data source such as Desktop, My Documents, CD or ZIP Disk, select this option rather than the 3½ Floppy
  • Insert 3½ Floppy Disk (CD or ZIP Disk) into the appropriate drive
  • All the files from your chosen data source (3½ Floppy, Desktop, My Documents, CD, ZIP etc) should appear in a window just below the list of options
  • HIGHLIGHT the particular file or files that you wish to copy (burn) on to the blank CD
  • Click the ADD button – this is a green arrow located in the middle of the screen
  • Remove the Floppy Disk (CD, ZIP) from its slot in the computer
  • If the desired information is contained on more than one Floppy Disk, repeat the above process for each individual Floppy Disk. - N.B. Once the information is added from Floppy Disk No. 1, scroll up the drop-down menu and select another option (e.g. Desktop). Then insert the next Floppy Disk into the appropriate slot in the computer and follow this by once again by selecting the 3½ FLOPPY (A:) option on the drop-down menu. Continue this action for each individual floppy disk.
  • Open the CD-RW Drive on the computer and insert the blank CD
  • Then click on the red RECORD button that is directly to the right of the ADD button on the screen
  • A window named RECORD CD SETUP will appear
  • Click on the START RECORDING button on the top right-hand side of the window
  • Another window titled RECORD CD PROGRESS will then appear
  • Wait until both the PROGRESS and DISC PROGRESS displays reach 100% and then click on the OK button
  • EASY CD CREATOR will then ask you to save CD Project changes to C:/ Documents and Settings.
  • Click No
  • X out of Untitled Data CD Project
  • Go bacBk to the Desktop
  • Double click on MY COMPUTER
  • Select the appropriate drive containing the CD (i.e. D-Drive or E-Drive) and Open
  • The CD should show the files that have been copied from the source (i.e. Floppy, C Drive or Desktop)
  • X out all programs and remove the CD from the CD Drive
  • Finish

Reviewed 20/07/06 MG

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