How to import a recordEdit

Records for many of the items we receive have already been catalogued by other libraries. To save time and duplication of work we can import such records from databases provided by Talis. To do this:

  • In cataloguing > bibliographic click on 'Bib. Search' F8
  • Click on Talis Base 2 and highlight 'All'
  • Find records for the book using the search table provided. Note that sometimes a title may not appear in an ISBN search which is retrieved by a title search and vice versa.
  • A list of results appears.
  • To see a full record click on the 'full record' tab. You can use the forwards and backwards arrows at the top left of the page to browse through the records or return to the 'Results' tabs at any time.
  • Compare the retrieved records and decide which one is the best. Look for (in order of importance):
    • Correct titles
    • Correct author names
    • Page numbers
    • Two or more subject headings
  • Ensure that you have the correct date and edition.
  • Click on 'Import' F6
  • The screen will return to cataloguing > bibliographic and the new Bib. ID number will be automatically entered in the Bib. ID. box.
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