Tips for working in Marc21 using the old Talis Alto 3.0.2Edit

(There are a few slight differences in the Talis system when using Marc21.)

Record LevelEdit

  • To create a new record: click on ‘Add New’ or press F4
  • To save a record: click on ‘save’ or F9
  • To copy a record: F3

Line LevelEdit

  • To create the symbol (used instead of the * in TalisMarc): Press CTRL and the spacebar at the same time.
  • For a new line: On the line above where you want to insert a new line - right click and choose ‘add a new field’ or press F4
  • To edit a line: double click on the line or press F2
  • To delete a line: right click and choose ‘remove this field’.


The 020 tag in Marc21 is used to record the ISBN number. This replaces the M...LK number on older records. When you add an ISBN to an old record (in the 020 field) you will be given an option to save as an ISBN. Say 'yes'

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