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There is a new Sequence entitled 'Official Publications' which is located at the end of the Reference section on Floor 2. Much of this material was previously designated ‘General Sequence Ref’

Cataloguing staff will relocate the material that Pattie has identified to this new sequence, with assistance from the Library Attendants.

They will add a label 'OFP' above the class no. on each item, and change the appropriate records in Talis.

What is currently 'not for loan' will remain 'not for loan' and what is 'for loan' will also remain so.

There will be an equivalent sequence will in the Bookstore for any material that is located there at present.

New publications by Irish Government Departments will go to OFP, with those publications, which are treated as serials being ‘not for loan’, and other monograph publications being available for loan at this early stage.

The Committee of Public Accounts reports will go to OFP at the class no. for Dáil reports (328.41707658 with suffix 'PUB'), in anticipation of all reports of Dáil Committees moving eventually. Minutes of evidence, debates, etc. will remain in Information Commons at this class no. (beside the Parliamentary Debates).

Bills and any materials classified in the 340s will remain in Law Reference.

Over the next 2 to 3 years this Official Publications section will continue to develop with material gradually being moved from the lending shelves, and decisions on what is to be included / excluded, loan versus not for loan, etc., will be made final.

Sequencing an OFPEdit

Check record in OPAC to ascertain whether the publication is a monograph or a serial, and if it is a serial what is the ctrl. no.


  • change sequence in record to OFP, and add OFP label to spine.
  • take off any Gen. Seq. Ref label and cancel this stamp inside
  • there is no need to change item type with this material
  • suffix as for any normal monograph


  • change sequence in serials holdings
  • change sequence in serial check-in instructions
  • where there is the ctrl. no. for earlier issues in the check-in instructions, go to this suppressed record and change sequence.

Reviewed: 03/03/05 JB, edited: 13/2/08 DS

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