Sometimes books come in with poor records. These need to be overwritten with better records should they exist in the Talis system. Once you have found an appropriate record do the following:

In Cataloguing …

  • Make sure that you do not have the record open in the system that you wish to overwrite
  • Search for an appropriate record
  • Highlight record
  • Click on 'Import' F6
  • A message will appear saying 'A record already exists containing numbers found in this record. Do you wish to overwrite?'
  • Click 'View' and double check that the computer has indeed picked up the record that you wish to overwrite.
  • Click 'Overwrite'.
  • The screen returns to cataloguing > bibliographic and inserts the bib. id. number in the correct box
  • Click 'continue'
  • Check that the item has indeed carried over
  • Amend the record where necessary

Overwriting books without ISBNs
Records that have been converted to MARC 21 and which have a BNB number or LC number or old local Talis number (b, w, x,y or z)need to be overwritten in a slightly different way.

  • Open the record that you want to overwrite and take a note of the bib. id.
  • Go to 'Bib. search' F8 and search for a better record.
  • Import the new record and open it up.
  • Click on 'Overwrite' F10. This will overwrite the old record with the new record and automatically delete the new bib. id.
  • Press 'Save' F9
  • Amend the record as necessary.
  • Pencil in the bib. id. below the LK number on the reverse of the title page.

In a Dawson’s report …

  • When 2 records appear when you enter ISBN note down two ISBNs checking which is the better record and which has the order details attached

From orders

  • Write over ISBN with (better record) new control number e.g. bA303870
  • Yes
  • Save F9 (sometimes need to hit twice in order to save)
  • In cataloguing check order details have come across with the new number and check that old M … LK number or ISBN no longer exist.

remembering to delete work with no order details attached.

Reviewed 24.11.2007 CDB

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