How to print an entire bibliographic record in Talis AltoEdit

The current version of Talis Alto (4.2.0, Build 47) will only print a 'screen shot' version of a bibliographic record. In order to print the entire record do the following:

  • Right click with mouse and choose 'Export to CSV file'.
  • Choose a name for the file and press save.
  • Open Excel.
  • Open a new worksheet.
  • Go to Data > Import external data > Import data.
  • Double click on the file you just saved.
  • Choose 'delimited' then click 'next'.
  • Choose 'tab' and 'comma' then click 'finish'.
  • Click on 'ok'.
  • The record will open up in excel. You may need to wrap text to make it all fit on one line. To do this highlight the cell in question, right click, choose 'format cells' and go to the 'alignment' tab. Click on 'wrap text' then click on ok.
  • Before printing go to 'view' > 'page break preview'.
  • Move the blue line to the right of the page to ensure that the whole line will get printed.
  • Click on the print icon.

CDB 27.11.2007

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