If you have multiple copies each containing CDs, you only process 1 CD. Remaining CDs are kept in the back of books and one is kept with Cataloguing.

  • Process the book as above with the addition of note "CD Available" on item cover, created using P-Touch machine on a 12" label.
  • Put CD into case.
  • Tattle tape CD, using special CD tattle tape.
  • Put barcode on the CD case using the template and discard duplicate barcode
  • Type CD labels on the P-Touch machine using an 18" label (all on one label).
    • Title -
    • Class no. -
    • Book Available.
  • Put class no. and suffix on spine of CD case and scotch tape over label
  • In record make sure there is a 525 tag 'Includes CD-ROM' and a 534 tag which states that the CD-ROM is a reference work and gives its number. To number the CD take the next running number from the CD-Box in processing. e.g.
  • Where multiple copies are supplied with CDs - process just one CD, keep one copy as 'back-up' and leave the remaining CDs in the books, no security tagging necessary.
Reference: CD 187.

GA 12:22, 10/6/10

JCB 10:39, 10/6/10

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