Quality check for processingEdit

  • Go to Cataloguing and then to Item
  • Enter the barcode
  • Check that details are correct i.e. Title, Home Site, Shelf mark, Suffix, Item
  • Change status to “In Stock”
  • Initial back of book
  • Remove order form.
    • If the order form is a print out of the online order form, put in the box 'Request slips to be sent out' (found on the co-ops desk).
    • If the box 'Notify me when item arrives' is ticked, place the slip in the Request box.
    • If the box 'Hold for me at the Service desk' is ticked, email the requester to let them know it is available. Flag the book (any colour) with the persons name and email, and sign with your own name and the date. Leave the item at the issue desk on the shelf for requests.
    • If there are two boxes at the top of the form and neither is ticked, file form in the blue bin!
  • Count all checked items, titles and copies and enter on statistics sheet which is kept in Processing area
  • If items are for Short Loan, 3 day loan or 7 day loan leave the order form in the item. Do not change the loan type. Leave on LA2's chair in her office.
  • Items for R.M.L. are flagged and left in Post Room.
  • Arrange all other items on a trolley and leave on ground floor in the sorting area.

Further information on how to send out the order forms can be found at Sending Out Order Requests.

JCB 10:46, 24 April 2010 (UTC)

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