Comprehensive list of sequences used in the Glucksman LibraryEdit

Books in the library are stored in different sequences according to their use, subject matter, provenance etc. A comprehensive list of all sequences are listed below. The main sequences with instructions on how to classify and process such items can be found here.

  • Abstracts
  • Acquisitions
  • Agence Europe
  • Agriculture & Fisheries DG
  • Agriculture & Rural Development
  • Archivist
  • Associate Director's Office
  • Aviation Coll.
  • Bibliographical Documentation
  • Bibliographies
  • Bibliographies Level
  • Bookstore
  • Budget Directorate General
  • CDs
  • Cataloguing
  • Committee of the Regions
  • Company Annual Reports
  • Company Files
  • Competition DG
  • Court of Justice
  • DNU
  • Development DG
  • Director's Office
  • Directorate-General III
  • Directorate-General VII
  • Directorate-General XVII
  • Directorate-General XVIII
  • Directorate-General XX
  • Directorate-General XXII
  • Directorate-General XXIII
  • EDC
  • Economic & Financial Affairs D
  • Economic and Social Committee
  • Education & Culture
  • Electronic Books
  • Employment, Social Affairs & E
  • Energy & Transport
  • Enterprise & Industry DG
  • Environment DG
  • Euratom Supply Agency
  • EuropeAid
  • European Agency for Health & S
  • European Agency for the Evalua
  • European Coal & Steel Communit
  • European Commission
  • European Commission Central Li
  • European Convention
  • European Council

European Court Reports European Court of Auditors European Data Protection Super European Environment Agency European Foundation Improvemen European Investment Bank European Maritime Safety Agenc European Monitoring Centre for European Monitoring Centre on European Ombudsman European Parliament European Training Foundation European University Institute Eurostat External Relations External Trade DG FYP Fisheries & Maritime Affairs Health & Consumer Protection: Historical Source Material I.L.L. Office IRFU Ref IRFU Videos In process In process Information Area Information Commons Information Desk Information Society & Media DG Internal Market & Services DG Ireland Jim Kemmy Collection Journals Journals Justice Freedom & Security DG Law Reference Leonard Library offices Microfiche Cabinet Microfilms Multimedia Multimedia Multimedia Multimedia Music Multimedia Music Scores Mutimedia News/Popular Newspapers Newspapers Norton O'Reilly Collection OLAF Office for Official Publicatio Official Journal Official Publications Personnel & Administration DG Popular Listening Popular reading Press & Communication DG Quality Collection RML Issue Desk Reference Regional Policy DG Reprints Request at Information Desk Research DG Rural Development DG SL Lecturer's own copy Service Desk Short Loan Slides Special Collection Staff Development Collection Staff Training & Development C Statistics Store Level TRC TRC Reference TRC Wallcharts Tape/Slide Taxation & Customs Union DG Tourism Coll. Traveller Traveller History Treaties UL Theses (Level 2) ULIX Office Videos Working Papers

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