Also see: Checklist for Order Requests

Not applicable to: books for Special Collections, Irish publications, RML, second-hand books, multimedia, specialist publishers.

Acquisitions: Enterbooks checkEdit

  • Check order in EnterBooks as normal instructions.
  • If class number given: write in pencil after ‘Available …’ (not law numbers)
  • Pass to Cataloguing.

Cataloguing: Check existing stockEdit

  • Search Local database by ISBN (TalisBase autosearch off) to check whether already in stock. (Check if work exists under different control number, by author or title or keyword search in catalogue as appropriate).
  • If in stock already, notify Acquisitions unless subject librarian has indicated extra copies required on order slip.
  • If additional copy: use class number and suffix of previous book if DDC22 compatible. If previous book is pre DDC22, recall all copies for reclassification
  • If earlier edition exists: use class number and suffix of previous edition if DDC22 compatible. If earlier edition is pre DDC22, recall all copies for reclassification.

Cataloguing: New worksEdit

  • Search Talis database and import record.
  • Note the Bib id number on bottom right side of order form.
  • Set to 'Local protect'
  • Use classification number in '082' field checking all pre-DDC22 numbers.
  • Check local practice in UL catalogue where appropriate
  • If no 082 field exists, classify if possible.
  • If no Talis record – pass to Acquisitions to create a Quick Work Manage record.
  • Check in Worldcat or LC if the classmark is not available and pass to AL Cataloguing to confirm classmark.
  • If no classmark found pass to Acquisitions for a QWM record and supplier to allocate classmark.
  • If class number longer than 8 characters after the decimal point pass to AL Cataloguing to clarify classmark.

Cataloguing: Item details Edit

  • Import appropriate record from Talis and write bib ID on bottom right corner of order form.
  • Write class number, as determined from instructions above, on order slip after "Available…"
  • Add suffix as per suffixing guidelines.
  • Add sequence where appropriates.
  • If Not for loan: indicate NFL on order slip.

Acquisitions: OrderingEdit

  • Normal order procedure plus: add class number, suffix and sequence as written on order form
  • Default type is Loan, change to NFL if indicated.

Receiving Items Edit

  • Receipt as per normal instructions (Acquisitions)
  • Flag partial deliveries (Acquisitions)
  • Collect items and check record making any necessary changes
  • Put item in stock.

Processing by LA1Edit

  • Check order slips for sequence requests, and process as per Processing Manual
  • Check back of book for CDs/floppy disks and handle as per instructions for 'Books with CDs/floppy disks'
  • Count books
  • Short Loan and 3 day loan books go to SLA2 office with order slip (to be returned to Co-op student)
  • Send out books.
  • Send out order slips or email as appropriate.

Reviewed: 9/6/10 JOD,JCB

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