How to withdraw an itemEdit

  • Bring up the record in Cataloguing > Bibliographic.
  • Open up the 'items' tag.
  • Double click on the item you want to open up the record.
  • Go to the 'status' drop down menu and choose 'WITH' withdrawn.
  • Leave in the barcode. Do not remove it.
  • Press 'Save' F9
  • If there is only one item attached to a bibliographic record move to the record tag and click on 'Suppress from OPAC'. Press 'Save' F9
  • If there are multiple items attached to the record and some remain in stock do not suppress the bib. record.
  • If the record contains hypertext links in 856 field or a local hotlink do not surpress the record but just withdraw the item. Check that the link is still valid. Get rid of all dead links. Press 'Save' F9
  • Pass the item which has been withdrawn to processing.

How to process withdrawn stockEdit

  • Use the withdrawal stamp to stamp the first page.
  • In pen write the date beside the stamp.
  • If the item is a book place it in the recycle bin. All other items go into the normal bin.
  • Keep a tally of the number of items you withdraw. Divide the tally into format type, e.g. no. of books, no. of serials, no. of CDs. Give the tally to Gerardine Ahern at the end of each day.

Things to watch out for when withdrawing stockEdit

Over history procedures in the library have shifted and changed. This can complicate matters when withdrawing stock. The list below gives a few things to look out for:

  • Look at the record for the work in Prism using a title search in case there is another record for the same work e.g. monograph & serials records (see below) or pre-talis records.
  • Duplicate monograph & serials records: Be aware that when there are Talis monograph records for various years for something that looks like a serial, there may also be a suppressed serial record used by acquisitions for check-in. In this case items will have been added to a monograph record without a monograph order. (This was a transitional stage & would rarely be done in recent years.)

Reviewed 9/6/10 JOD,JCB

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